Mrs Sirisha
Smt. Geeta Goti

Jt.Secretary- Women's Forum-HCSC
Director - Pro Arch HR

Dara Kavitha
Smt. Dara Kavitha

Convener, Women's Forum-HCSC
DCP, Women Safety, Hyderabad

Women Protest

Making Hyderabad city a safe and violence free place for women and girls


Considering the fact that one of the theme for International Women’s day was #EachforEqual#, a program for women’s empowerment that will be sustainable and impactful involving women from the community had been ideated. The name reflects the vision - “She Triumphs through Respect, Equality and Empowerment”, in short “STREE”.

The major objective of STREE is to create a platform for women to come together and work along with police for joint intervention on issues of safety and security of women and girls. It is envisaged that the collective learning and action against all forms of violence that women and girls face will bring down the number violent incidents and make the city a safe place for women. In the process, the women’s leadership at gross root levels would evolve and work in collaboration with wide variety of stakeholders to ensure women’s safety, equality and empowerment.

“Drivers sensitization program”

Creating awareness to the drivers of public & private transport vehicles and sensitise them on women’s issues, their rights and laws, thereby evolving a cadre of sensitised volunteers to create an enabling environment for women and girls to move without fear and inhibition in the city of Hyderabad.


HCSC along with the Hyderabad City police have started to conduct awareness programs to children on Child Sexual abuse and also good touch and bad touch session for school children from classes 1 to 10. This program was started,

  • To nurture school children to make them happy and be responsible for society's happiness at large.
  • To educate children to be safe and ensure safety of people around them.
  • To empower children to be inclusive in the society.
  • To provide a platform that concentrates on the holistic development of children. The whole concept is to provide & bestow India with Socially Intelligent
  • To help children understand purpose of life for themselves and for people around them.